Client Testimonials

I would like to take 5 second break from my busy day here at optimus prime marketing. I can’ t express how great it is to wake up everyday knowing that I work for the most amazing company, a great team, and a wonderful pair of bosses. A thousand times over. Thank you to my work family!

Amanda L.

Working with them is great, they sure that I have everything I need and are always available to offer help when needed. They are self motivated people who inspire me to get out and work hard everyday.

K. Williams

We were looking to save on our electric services in a small mechanic shop here in Marion Illinois. We had many quotes from locals and online searches too. But we got in touch with Optimus Prime Marketing, they guided in the right direction and helped us choose the best supplier. The customer and technical support is awesome! We are really happy with our new supplier, and the savings are outstanding!!!!

C. Smith

“You can’t go wrong with Optimus Prime Marketing! They wrote the book on customer service, customer satifaction, and customer savings. I highly recommened them!”

April T

I can’t say enough about the xcellent work that Optimus Prime Marketing has done. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. Everyone listened to my thoughts and suggestions and far surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend that you use Optimus Prime Marketing for all your Energy and Gas needs.

Shawne Garner

I want to express my thanks to Optimus Prime Marketing for the fantastic job you did in saving our home money. We just signed up with the co-op on Wednesday, and by Friday, your company saved us over $35 a month on just our electricity. I wish I had signed up with your company sooner. We are so grateful for the speed at which you took our account and negotiated this great savings.

Paul Adams

If you’re looking at changing energy suppliers, I recommend contacting Optimus Prime Marketing. Optimus Prime Marketing was able to offer us competitive rates and the contract term we were looking for.

Alishia F.

Switching was so easy! Their team at Optimus Prime Marketing held my hand through the whole process. Switching was easy. Once, I made my choice to switch to switch my supplier, I saw savings on my very next bill!!

J. Stone

On top of that, they have great customer service. We wanted to be sure that changing suppliers would not interfere with us receiving a utility incentive rebate for a project we had committed to doing but had not yet been completed. Optimus Prime Marketing did the leg work for us to make sure the rebate would not be jeopardized by switching providers.

Mike G.

“My experience with Optimus Prime Marketing has been most pleasant. Their talented team of Agents are the most informative, honest and professional team I have experienced in my 21 years of dealing with Energy suppliers. I would and have recommended Optimus Prime Marketing to my colleagues.”

Steven B.

“We had been looking for an electric provider for two years and had just started negotiating our contract with our previous provider, but it wasn’t easy. With Optimus Prime Marketing, we got the information we needed to make the right decision. In my role I juggle multiple tasks, and when I’m focusing on something, the best thing is to start and finish it right then – and I was able to do that thanks to Optimus Prime Marketing’ prompt responses. The provided constant communication about when the right time was for us to go ahead and make a decision to make sure we got the best rate for our district.” In just a short time – January through August 2014 – we already saved in electricity costs. This allows us to put money in to our maintenance and operation budget.”

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